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Approved by constituent assembly

on December 16, 1998

Minutes no. 2

Registered by resolution

of Tbilisi Chugureti district Court

on December 24, 1998

no 03/9-56



Civic Development
International Center









1.1    Civic Development International Center (hereinafter referred to as the Center) is non-governmental, non-profit organization. The Center is legatee of association of citizens ďCivic Development International CenterĒ (registered by Ministry of Justice of Georgia by resolution 24/22 on August 22, 1996, certificate no. 2561). The Center is a non-industrial juridical person, legal form of which is association.

1.2    The Center acts according to Georgian Constitution, legislation and this charter.

1.3    The Center operates on the whole territory of Georgia. It is also eligible to act according to the laws outside the territory of Georgia.

1.4    The Center is not responsible on the duties for its members as well as its members are not responsible for the duties of Center.

1.5    The Centerís legal address is 7 Gudiashvili Street, 380007 Tbilisi, Georgia.


2.      Activity objectives, Guidelines and forms

2.1    The Centerís objective is to encourage the development of the values of civic society in Georgia.

2.2    To reach the above mentioned objective Center sets the tasks, including

          a) promotion and conduction a policy of civic society development;

          b) educational activity;

          c) computerization of the tasks of civic society;

          d) support a creation and development of civic society organizations;

          e) support the community based, grassroots, and refugee/IDP organizations;

          f) initiation of the civic forum;

          g) support the process of defense of human rights;

          h) support a development of independent mass media;

          i) support the relationships of media with civic society organizations;

          j) electronic and printing informational activity;

          k) programs of training.

2.3    For carry out the listed in 2.2 tasks and on the basis of the laws currently in force the Center

          a) expresses the lawful interests of its members in the executive and administrative bodies of the state;

          b) may engage in limited economic activity. Any income generated by such activity shall be invested for the purpose of supporting the Centerís Charter goals.


3.      members of Center, their rights and responsibilities

3.1    Members of Center are the founders of organization and new physical persons, entered after founding, who acknowledge charter and objectives of Center, and pay entrance and membership fees.

3.2    Membership of Center is not limited.

3.3    The members of Center have the right to

               get information about activity of the organization;

               get to know with account and other documentation;

               participate in activity of organization.

3.4    The members of Center are obliged to

               fulfil the duties indebted by Center;

               take care of the property of Center;

               pay membership fees by the time.

3.5    The member of Center, who eludes the works of Center, donít pay membership fees and donít agree with the goals of Center may be dismissed from Center membership. The point of dismissing is examined by board and is confirmed by general meeting of the members.


4.      The Structure and governance of Center

4.1    The highest agency of Center is the general meeting of the members. The meeting makes final decisions, confirms the plans and reports of activity, designs guiding lines, and makes alterations and additions in chart of Center. The general meeting of members gathers once in three months or in case of need. The decisions are reached by a majority vote. The general meeting elects the inspection commission, which elects own chairman.

4.2    The founders of Center elect the chairman of Center and board with 4 members.

4.3    The board controls Center including its finances and is accountable toward the general meeting of the members. The board gathers once in two weeks. Chairman of Center guides the meetings of the board. The decisions are reached by formula consensus minus one.

4.4    By proposal of the board the general meeting of the members confirms appointment of the executive director of Center.

4.5    Executive director represents Center, guides the executive body, and defines the structure of body.

4.6    The inspection commission controls the financial activity of Center. The inspection commission is accountable only toward the general meeting of members and is responsible on the faultlessness of its conclusions.


5.      The property and finances of Center

5.1    Center has right in the rule defined by legislation to run a creative, industrial, and household business.

5.2    The property of the Center consists of general funds, circulating means, and another values needed for material support of activities defined by chart, and reflected in independent balance of Center.

5.3    The sources of means of Center are following:

               entrance and membership fees;

               free-will charity fees;


               incomes from realization of programs and projects of Center;

               another sources not prohibited by current Georgian legislation.

5.4    Center can have movable and immovable property allowed by legislation, means of transport, and another property needed for material ensuring of activities defined by chart.

5.5    Center has right to possess cultural-educational, sportive, and another institutions, also joint enterprises, established by Centerís means in accordance of goals and tasks of Center.

5.6    The property of Center is protected by current legislation.


6.      Reorganization and liquidation of Center

6.1    The period of validity of Center is not limited.

6.2    The activity of Center may be ceased by decision of general meeting of members, if it is voted by two thirds of presented members.

6.3    Its reorganization or liquidation may cease the activity of Center.

6.4    In case of liquidation general meeting of members appoints liquidation commission and maintains liquidation procedure.

6.5    The financial and material means of Center remained after all expenses are divided in accordance of decision of board.

6.6    The property of member being in Centerís temporary use returns to him in genuine form without any compensation.

The founders of the Center are:

1.      Donara Shonava, born 09.01.55 in Tbilisi, journalist by profession, living 64 Paliashvili Street, Tbilisi, Georgia

2.      Lali Bziashvili, born 03.01.52 in Tbilisi, journalist by profession, living 38 Saburtalo Street, Tbilisi, Georgia

3.      Alexander Sulava, born 13.04.70 in Tbilisi, journalist by profession, living 19 Kurdiani Street, Tbilisi, Georgia

4.      Levan Berdzenishvili, born 23.10.53 in Batumi, philologist by profession, living 17 Vejini Street, Tbilisi, Georgia

5.      Nino Rodonaia, born 05.05.71 in Tbilisi, journalist by profession, living 9 Zakariadze Street, Tbilisi, Georgia

The members of board are:

1.      Donara Shonava

2.      Lali Bziashvili

3.      Alexander Sulava

4.      Levan Berdzenishvili

5.      Nino Rodonaia